The impossible dream. A tale about revelations


The other day, I was browsing through pages of a novel I recently fell in love with. A 104-year-old nun organizes a party for her grand granddaughter and sings karaoke during the party. There is a sad side to the story, but after the teenager, the nun took the stage. Given her age, I was deeply curious about her musical choice, and there it was.. The impossible dream, from a Broadway show, as mentioned in the book.

I closed the book and immediately went on to YouTube, typing as fast as I could ‘the impossible dream’, and several interpretations of different artists appeared. Choosing by favorites, I went with Frank Sinatra’s version.


A beautiful song that made me realize MADmoiselle was my impossible dream. My vision for the project is large and long-term since I hope to reach as many women and girls as possible. The same novel also introduced me to the Japanese concept of Setsuna, which means “a moment; an instant”. And it goes on to explain the granular nature of time, and how 6,400,099,980 moments constitute a single day. Every snap of a finger provides us with sixty-five opportunities to choose actions that will turn our lives around.

Since 2017, when the project was born, I have spent many moments with MADmoiselle, planning, researching, and creating an idea that has penetrated my core. While the main objective took some turns, it was eventually polished into a diamond.


The journey, while cliché-ish, is as important as the destination, maybe even more, so I’m excited to have MADmoiselle as a companion and for you to benefit from it.

My dream is that MADmoiselle will become the sister you wish you had, or a place where you can go for answers, learn and have a little fun. I hope I will succeed in giving you something useful, inspiring, interesting, or to at the very least, make you smile when you need it.

My dream is to see women under one umbrella of sisterhood sharing love and support.

My favorite part of the song:

To fight for the right

Without question or pause

To be willing to march, march into Hell

For that Heavenly cause

And I know if I’ll only be true

To this glorious quest

That my heart will lie peaceful and calm

When I’m laid to my rest

yours truly, MADmoiselle

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